Our Leader the Idiot

Basically, the idea came, one morning when I got up. I thought to myself I need to take a stand. The the man who’s sitting in the White House needs to go. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that I will have something to do with that in that process. However I am an American citizen and I had to speak my mind. I got on the phone with Outfront Media Billboard Company, that are primarily based out of jersey, but they have offices all over the country. So I spoke to an associate there, He set me up with 11 locations to look at a. As I looked at all the 11 locations, I chose the one that was best for what I was doing and what I was doing was promoting the movie, Our Leader, the Idiot, a film about Donald Trump.

And I’ll go into more detail at another time about the essence of the movie. But at this point I found the location I was looking for. It was a beautiful. It wasn’t as busy as a highway, but I knew that it would be boggled up in the middle of rush hour. It was only three lanes and you could see there’s would be a lot of traffic. Even in the summer, the billboard went up after outfront media went through all the processes that needed to be. They went through the stage where they ran it through, uh, the, um, they came back with, yes, we will put this up in good faith. It’s good. We signed the contract and it was done one month contract today. I got the call after all the controversy after every newspaper in the country and other countries as well.

They’re all up in arms that I got a lot of attention for it and outreach, uh, outfront media called me today to, uh, to let me know that they were tearing down the billboard and I refused to, um, to allow them to do that. Unfortunately, they said, well, you have no choice in the matter. I said, you’re breaching a contract and you’re also breaching the first amendment. My right. And everybody else’s right in America. Our freedom of speech is the main number one thing that we have and they couldn’t care less. Uh, they just wanted out, they couldn’t take the criticism, they couldn’t take the town being up in arms. And obviously all I say is they probably didn’t have the guts to, uh, to be able to withstand that hold out. And they did what they did. And that’s where it is and that’s where it stands. And that’s where I am.